As well as practising law, George Fox is an active mediator, former chair of the Queensland Law Society Alternate Dispute Resolution ('ADR') Committee and adjunct professor of law at the University of Southern Queensland and Murdoch University. He has taught ADR at tertiary and masters level, conducted mediation training sessions for the legal profession in Queensland and for provincial chiefs and community leaders in the Solomon Islands and is a former Law Reform Commissioner for the Republic of Fiji.

He has acted as advisor to the PNG National Court and the World Bank on ADR processes and capacity building.

George is able to draw on his knowledge as an experienced and practicing lawyer who continues to access various dispute resolution processes for his clients. George's mediation experience includes:

- small private disputes

- large commercial litigation

- foreign mining and land rights disputes

- family law and matrimonial property settlements

- internal corporate disputes

His career highlights include a land rights mediation on site in the PNG Southern Highlands between 2,500 Highlanders, with the assistance of 30 armed riot police.