Commercial Property Transactions

Contracts for commercial properties vary widely and can give rise to complex issues or disputes. Our experienced solicitors provide clear and comprehensive advice to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly.

Many issues that arise during the purchase process can be avoided by seeking expert legal advice prior to signing the contract. If you are considering purchasing a business or a commercial property, it is essential that you contact us so that we can review the terms of the contract before you sign it.

Our services include:

  • Commercial land conveyancing
  • Business purchases and sales
  • Commercial leases
  • Retail shop leases

Residential Conveyancing

Buying or selling a residential property is an important financial decision and it is important that all aspects of the conveyance are overseen or performed directly by a solicitor. We aim to provide a professional service and keep you informed of the progress of the conveyance at all stages.

Most people are unaware of the potential problems that can arise during the conveyancing process, some of which may be prevented by seeking advice before the contract is signed. If you are considering buying or selling a property, you should contact us so that we may review the terms of the contract.

Commercial and corporate services

Our experienced solicitors provide practical legal advice for public and private companies and business of all sizes.

If you are forming a new organisation, you should consider which business structure will best suit your particular requirements. We offer expert corporate and business advice tailored to meet your legal and commercial needs.

In particular our services include:

  • Structure and entity advice (asset protection and tax)
  • Formation of companies, associations, partnerships and joint ventures
  • Creation of trusts
  • Partnership matters
  • Dispute resolution and negotiation

We handle many and various disputes for our clients ranging from fencing disputes to commercial contract negotiations. We assess each matter with the goals of our client in mind and have found that in most cases litigation is not required to resolve the dispute.

Identifying alternate methods of resolving disputes is valuable in reducing the cost to the client while still pursuing a favourable outcome. If the matter progresses to the stage of litigation we will refer you to a litigation specialist in the area of law for the particular dispute.

Wills and Estates

Careful planning of your estate and preparation of your will is important to ensure that your assets and investments are managed on death according to your wishes. Many people do not consider potential tax implications or how assets such as shares, superannuation or a business will be dealt with after their death.

Creating a valid will can be the first step in a more complex estate planning process, which can involve setting up various financial structures, reviewing existing structures and positioning assets to ensure that your estate passes the way you want. Our solicitors are qualified to advise you about your different options and assist you in planning your estate.

We provide a range of services including preparing

  • Simple wills
  • Complex wills involving testamentary trusts, charitable trusts and life interests.
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Health Directives
  • Memorandum of Wishes
  • Binding Death Benefit

Should you be appointed an executor of an estate, it is important that you understand your duties and obligations. Making decisions for an estate without seeking legal advice may leave you exposed and personally liable. Our solicitors provide professional advice to assist you in effectively administering the estate.